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January 18, 2021

Phil Diamond of the LIFT R/C glider club in Leelenaw Michigan reports:
The Night Radian lights are totally amazing but hard to capture on camera….their brightness blows out the brightness on the picture….this “glow on the snow” is the closest that I have been able to come.
There is an aftermarket mod that allows switching the lights in flight using radio.  It is an absolute hoot.

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January 7, 2021

Gray from Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswolds (UK) reports that he's dug out a box full of stripped down models awaiting recovering - which should keep him busy during the lockdown. How many can you recognize???


December 28, 2020

kaz 2011

Photo above - Kazaklis Tasos poses with his "Sunshine" electric micro sailplane in company of a nice Grob at the Edessa gliding club - 2011

Kazaklis Tasos from Greece was kind enough to send photos of his beautifully built models over the years. He reports:
"I have lots of experience with FAI class F5J (R/C Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders) and F3J (R/C Thermal Duration Gliders) - having participated in the first  F3J World Champs in 1998. The last years, I have been heavily involved in F5J with many Greek Regional/National and a couple of International wins. This however has taken a great toll on my designing/production so I stopped and now fly just for fun!"
"My current passion is micro high performance sailplanes, and already have several CAD designs, with the first just finishing production details. Most will have electric assist versions. I am literally a one man show from A to Z (initial concept, CAD/CAM design, plans/molds, tooling, jigs and a million other things until production!) to marketing and final packaging… A tiresome work schedule, hugely exciting!"
Many of Kazaklis Tasos' latest projects can be found on his YouTube channel

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December 23, 2020

John Stennard from the UK reports:
Good morning from a wet and soggy Almondsbury, temp  around 14C but soooo wet. You are better off with snow!
Having built/purchased too many outdoor models this year I decided to build a few micro indoor models again. Banggood have stopped selling the nano RX so I contacted Micron and found Andy had some of the nano DT RXs with the old Bahoma connectors on them Andy added a power lead and I bought a selection of 2 and 3 channel versions. Having a clear out I found I had three old ones myself without antennas and still with the old connectors., Andy updated these for me.
23 dec 02
I've already used two of them and the latest model is a nano bipe (photo right). At 5g it looks okay but I now need some fine weather to test her in the garden. 
Photo below: Bought this heli from HobbyKing then found Banggood have the same model under a different name! I bought it to check it out for possible use with our youth groups. It has a press button take off and landing plus automatic height control. A 15 minute duration is quoted. So far it does look good.
All for now, John

23 dec 01

(photos by John Stennard)