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Canadian R/C Nationals - 1971

These photos are from the MAAC R/C Nationals in Centralia Ontario (north of London) - July/August 1971.
This event was for R/C models only. At this time, the freeflight and control line events were held at separate venues. The competition was fierce in both "Pattern" Aerobatics and Scale. These models were powered mostly by .60 or .61 glow engines. Larger models (and engines) had not yet made their appearance at this time. Retracts were also rare - and only a couple of models had them, including the Spitfire and P-38 below. I don't recall the builder pilots of these models.
It was the first time I ever saw a "rolling circle" - perfectly executed by none other than that beautiful P-38! With both engines howling, retract gear tucked away, and rolling wing over wing, it was quite a sight and sound! This was during a "demo" flight, when scale pilots were more relaxed and flew their best. Flightline rules were not as strict in those days, and the model made large circles around the field, with everyone turning around 360 degrees to watch. It was quite a spectacle.  

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(photos by Chris Moes)

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