Flying - 2021


February 19, 2021 - First flight of the Season.

With the lifting of the lockdown and less than normal snowfall this year, it was decided to open the lane-way to the field with the snowblower. The pit area was also cleared (first photo), but needs to be larger to improve physical distancing.
Of course, I couldn't resist a test flight or two with the electric Barnstormer (second photo). The snow is very soft, and you need to keep moving briskly to avoid getting stuck (third photo).
Remarkable as it would seem, these are the same home-made fiberglass skis that were used with my slightly larger (56" span) O.S. Max .30 powered Barnstormer  - which flew early in the New Year of 1980. Some forty one years ago. There is a photo of this model, and other tidbits in the recently added: History - Northern Ontario Zone.

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(photos by Chris Moes)

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February 20, 2021 - Snow Madness!

With physical distancing rules in effect, four members met at the field for some ski flying on Saturday morning.
The snow was very soft, with a tendency to sink-in unless you were moving briskly. Takeoffs were not a problem, just give 'er and go. But landings were a special challenge. In addition to the perils of the soft snow, as each stranded model was retrieved - voila! - a new set of footprints to avoid!
It was great fun though, and everyone did lots of flying. No planes were damaged or lost, which is always a good thing. The temperature was just below freezing, but the warm sun and complete lack of wind made very pleasant conditions, and we flew from 10:00 am until just after noon.

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(photos by C. Moes)

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