There are now over 150 videos on our Far Valley YouTube channel. Here is a collection of our favourite videos, sorted by category, and listed (more or less) in order of appearance. Enjoy!


Our Latest Videos


Control Line - Baby P-51D Mustang - Cox .049

May - 2021
This all balsa profile "semi-scale" model was designed by Paul Del Gatto and originally published as a full size plan in Model Airplane News - March 1958.

Control Line Swordsman 18 - Cox Pee Wee 020

July - 2021
Vintage Carl Goldberg "Swordsman 18" with Cox Pee Wee .020

Control Line:


Four Cox .049 Models

September - 2018
Our most popular video! 17K+ views

Flite Streak with O.S. Max .25

August - 2019
First flight of Chris' new Flite Streak built from the Brodak kit.

Lil' Wizard and the robot arm

September - 2020
First flight of Earl's Carl Goldberg "Lil' Wizard" wit the robotr control arm.

Cox .049 "Little Toot"

October - 2020
Carl Goldberg "Little Toot" built from plans with Cox "Black Widow" .049

KK Phantom

July - 2021
British classic built from an original and very rare Keil Kraft kit. Power is a vintage Enya .09-IV.

1/2A Twin

July - 2021
Powered by a pair of vintage Cox "Golden Bee" .049s, the plans for this model were originally published in Air Trails - 1951.

Free Flight:


KK Elf, Mandy, and the goose!

May - 2018
Rubber powered Keil Kraft "Elf" flying on a calm spring morning.

Korda "Victory" with 10 inch prop

July - 2018
Test flights of the Korda "Victory" continue...

Rubber powered FF (with R/C assist) "Miss Canada Senior"

August - 2018
This flight was 2 minutes, 9 seconds

Rubber powered KK Achilles

September - 2018
Three flights of my 24" span Keil Kraft "Achilles" on a beautiful fall morning.

Rubber Powered FF - Comet Taylorcraft

June - 2021
This model was built from the Comet kit - 22" span version. Our latest video!

R/C Gliders:


View from R/C Glider

September - 2012
View from onboard a RC Glider over St. Joseph Island,

Piggyback launch of UMX Whipit

September - 2016
This was our first attempt at launching the UMX Whipit piggyback style

Canary Too & Swiss Miss

September - 2016
Aerotow takeoffs of two RC gliders using our "work horse" electric mini Robot as tug.

Towplane View

April - 2017
Aerial view of RC Glider - Towplane view

Swiss Miss cockpit view

September - 2019
A view from the cockpit of the Swiss Miss - from takeoff to landing...

R/C General:


Mini Robots

Summer - 2012
Mini Robots in action!

Rebel Too

June - 2013
Reduced scale tribute to the Live Wire Rebel by Hal deBolt.

View from rear seat of R/C Polikarpov Po-2

August - 2013
Vew from rear seat of 950mm span Polikarpov Po-2 on a circuit around the patch.

Takeoff eh!

October - 2014
Several takeoffs, a hill climb, and a "special landing" with the Skygipsy Twin on a beautiful autumn day.

Greg's Four Star 20 does a circuit

June - 2020
Greg Farish does a circuit with his new Four Star 20 on its fourth test flight
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